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How to Qualify For Rental Income

Our main goals are placing tenants in our rental properties and finding qualified renters for each home. When you’re considering a rental property please know that we expect tenants to pay rent on time each month and honor the agreements made in the lease.



In order to qualify for one of our rental properties, your monthly income should meet the qualifications. However if you are planning on living with more than one person, we will consider the sum of both of your incomes. You’ll also need a good credit report, so that we can be sure you pay your bills on time.


Another qualification you must meet is tenancy history. If you are or have been a renter before, you must have a good tenancy history.


If you're currently residing in the home you own and are looking for a new home, we do not automatically deny people in foreclosure situation.  Just be aware that it can generate a negative effect on the owners approval for that property and the owner's of the property that you're looking to rent give the approval of all future tenants.


You can view our rental listings to search for available properties, or you can call us to request an application faxed to you.

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Maintenance Requests

If you have a maintenance request, please fill out the form on our Contact page. From there, we’ll be able to get the proper service to your property in a timely manner. When you make a maintenance request on a Friday afternoon, we’ll get back to you the following Monday.


While we’ll fix most of the problems at your rental property, you are responsible for clogged drains and toilets and replacing the battery on a beeping smoke alarm and all light bulbs that burn out.


If an emergency situation occurs during business hours, please call (951)505-9627 or (619) 838-4896.  Emergencies are considered water leaks that cannot be stopped by turning the shut off valve yourself, or anything that can cause hazard or immediate fire.




Where Are The Schools?

Be prepared for your children. You can easily get more information on the school districts in the area of the rental property that you’re looking at by clicking the links below.


Local Utility Companies

To make the move easier, we have listed the utility companies used for the homes located in our rental areas. We request that you get those utilities turned on in your name before taking moving into your rental property.











    •   Frontier Communications    (800) 921-8101


TV and Internet

    •    Frontier Communications    (800) 921-8101

    •    Time Warner Cable:  (888) 892-2253